alex p keaton

Alex P Keaton

Michael J Fox



  • Dated Ellen
  • Got excellent grades
  • Had an excellent stock market savvy
  • Stood up for Skippy by telling him he was the "big stooge" in the fraternity, which ended up in Alex being thrown out of the same fraternity
  • Reviving/giving life to "At this Moment" by Billy Vera & the Beaters (Audio Clip in wav format)



  • Dated Ellen
  • Back to the Future I, II, & III
  • Casualties of War
  • The American President
  • Spin City
  • Teen Wolf
  • Homeward Bound
  • Doc Hollywood - c'mon give him a break
  • Coldblooded - rent this movie just for the sake that you can watch Brandon Walsh shoot Alex P Keaton (Fox also produced)
  • Turning down Teen Wolf Too


  • Invested all of his father's AT&T stock into a riskier stock which ended up being worthless due to a hurricane
  • Turning his parents' house into a hotel while they were gone. This resulted in a kangaroo residing in the house.
  • Getting hooked on speed in order to study longer. This resulted in cleaning several garages a week.
  • Dated a woman 18 years his senior while in high school
  • Hired Geena Davis as the maid based purely on physical appearance


  • For Love or Money
  • Life with Mikey
  • Greedy
  • The Hard Way

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