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001. A big promotion at work leaves Steven little time for his family or for

the celebratory dinner Elyse planned in his honor. Gus: John Hancock.

Rhodes: George Coe.


002. A blind date to a concert leads to a romance between Alex and a dynamic

-- and middle-aged -- French woman. Lorraine: Carolyn Seymour.


003. A close friend of the family makes a pass at Mallory.


004. A high-school reunion reunites Elyse with the guy voted least likely to

succeed (Robert Klein) -- who's now a millionaire -- and together they're

the hit of the party.


005. A snobbish girl (Lisa Lucas) promises to get Mallory into her sorority

if Mallory will introduce her to Alex.


006. A visit from Steven's father (John Randolph) prompts a predictable

confrontation between the two.


007. PART 1: A visit from Uncle Rob (Norman Parker) and the Keaton cousins

reveals problems between Rob and his daughter (Tammy Lauren), who won't

forgive him for having had an affair. Jonathan: Blake Soper.


008. PART 2: Strained relations between Uncle Rob (Norman Parker) and his

daughter (Tammy Lauren) reach the breaking point after she spends the

night with a stranger.


009. PART 1: After his father's death, Steven returns to his home town to

help his mother move out of the house -- a place that easily inspires



010. PART 2: Steven and his brother (Norman Parker) lock horns over the sale

of their mother's house.


011. After making a commitment to work with Steven, Alex begins working at

the TV station, then considers leaving when a bank job opens up.


012. After their home is burglarized, Steven and Elyse consider buying a gun.


013. After watching Mallory suffer through a string of disastrous dates,

Alex is convinced that he -- and his computer -- can find her the

perfect boy friend.


014. Alex agrees to help Mallory maintain her grades, which have begun to

slip since she got an after-school job at a boutique.


015. Alex and James (Jeffrey Joseph) start a tutoring service and fall for

the same client (Nancy Everhard). Axelrod: David Wohl. William:

Wyatt Knight.


016. Alex and Mallory become rivals when Steven's station offers a scholarship

to employees' kids. Wertz: Ben Piazza.


017. Alex considers quitting his job at a neighborhood grocery store to

accept a stockboy position at a supermarket.


018. Alex falls asleep writing an American-history paper -- and wakes up in

Philadelphia on July 3, 1776.


019. Alex gains a new appreciation for art when he discovers the profit

margin in mass-marketing Nick's sculptures, but he ends up pushing Nick

to his artistic limits in the process.


020. Alex gets more involved in feminist causes than he anticipated when he

feigns support of the ERA just to impress a girl (Tracy Nelson).


021. Alex gets Skippy into a popular frat, unaware that the brothers want to

make him a "big stooge" on campus. Brian: Tom Breznahan.


022. Alex gets wrapped up in the joy of fatherhood when he meets an unwed

mother at a Lamaze class held at the Keatons. Donna: Isabelle Walker.


023. Alex has competition in Lauren's ex-boy friend, a Wall Street banker

with a sports car, and hopes of rekindling things with Lauren. Eric:

Campbell Scott.


024. Alex has trouble believing that Doug (Timothy Busfield) would rather

spend his time with his new girl friend than with him.


025. Alex hires a housekeeper (Geena Davis) with no experience -- and whose

chief qualification is meeting his special criteria.


026. Alex is a Big Brother to a Vietnamese boy and tries to mold the youngster

in his own image. Ming: Eugene Akutagawa.


027. Alex is down in the dumps after Ellen goes to Paris on a dance

scholarship, but soon he's looking for a replacement. Sharon: Haviland

Morris. Flaum: Michael Zorek. Neil: John Putch. Carmine: Robert Costanzo.


028. Alex is in double trouble: he's asked two girls to the senior prom and

doesn't have the nerve to cancel either of the dates. Daphne Zuniga.


029. Alex is obsessed with raising his geometry grade and Alex's 13-year-old

whiz-kid math tutor (River Phoenix) is obsessed with Jennifer.


030. Alex is stunned when he receives a low mark in a political-science

course. Bronski: Michael McGuire.


031. Alex is sure to insult his female boss (Melinda Culea) at the bank with

his first report -- which includes recipes and carpet swatches.

Heaney: John Petlock.


032. Alex is taken by surprise when he loses out for class valedictorian to

his girl friend Rachel (Daphne Zuniga). Dr. Schulte: Terry Wills.


033. Alex is "the kind of guy who likes to be put up on a pedestal," but

Ellen's not the kind of girl who'll put him there. David: John Scott

Clough. INCLUDES: Alex's Stock Market Dance.


034. Alex is thinking of marriage after a college woman invites him to spend

an evening in her apartment.


035. Alex learns about the blues from a legendary guitarist (bluesman Brownie

McGhee), who agrees to be interviewed on Alex's college radio show but

refuses to perform for fans on campus. Webster: Richard Brestoff.


036. Alex may have the killer instinct it takes to impress the top broker at

an investment firm, but that instinct is put to the test after he's

hired and his friend who got him the interview gets the boot. Paul:

Billy Morrissette. Foster: Christine Jansen.


037. Alex refuses to admit that Elyse is a far better student than he is in

an auto-mechanics class.


038. PART 1: Alex selects a steady girl friend from the freshman directory --

but it's her roommate, Ellen, who lights Alex's fire. Tricia: Suzanne



039. PART 2: Alex is in love -- problem is, she's all set to marry someone

else. Tricia: Suzanne Snyder.


040. Alex soon regrets encouraging Lauren to quit work on her senior thesis:

she turns into a Stepford girl friend, watching soap operas, clipping

recipes ad devoting herself to Alex's every need. Judi: Amy Benedict.


041. Alex takes Andrew out of preschool when he learns that the classroom

teaches noncompetitive values.


042. Alex tries to tame the independent young woman he's wildly attracted to.

Carrie: Talia Balsam. Julia: Susan Bay.


043. Alex wants to attend a fraternity rush party with the perfect date, which

he thinks he's arranged -- until she cancels. Geena Davis.


044. Alex worries about Mallory, who's off for a late-night drive with Alex's

friend Eric (Lee Montgomery).


045. Alex's knack for picking a winner prompts him to use his parents' blue-

chip stock as collateral on some risky investments. Matthews: Philip

Charles MacKenzie.


046. Alex's professor (Mason Adams) feels threatened by a new breed of

teachers and wants to submit a fraudulent paper to keep his job.

Marshall: Lisa Sloan.


047. Alex's surprise support bolsters Mallory's campaign for student-body

president with a fresh, timely platform: "confidence, diet soda and new

drapes." Amy: Sonia Curtis.


048. PART 1: An expectant Elyse can't wait to perform in the pledge-week

entertainment at Steven's station.


049. PART 2: Steven, the plumber and Skippy brave a blizzard to reach the

hospital, but Elyse is still back at the station in the final stages of



050. Andrew is predictably threatened by Alex's involvement with Lauren, but

it takes Lauren to explain the youngster's jealousy to Alex.


051. Andrew returns from preschool refusing to speak, and the Keatons learn

that his silence is a show of empathy for a hearing-impaired classmate

being razzed by other students. Josh: Darrel Utley. Miss Metcalf: Terri

Hanauer. Mrs. Richards: Susan Kohler. Eugene: Malachi Pearson. Louise:

Michelle Collins.


052. As a working wife and mother with so much to do and so little time,

Elyse fears her only solution may be to become a full-time housewife.

Jerry: Jay Thomas. Norback: Sandy Ward. Doris: Suzie Plakson.


053. As the new advice columnist for a local paper, "Dear Mallory" urges her

readers to contact her at home, where she gets in over her head trying to

solve every problem under the sun.


054. At Jennifer's request, a klutzy classmate (Skippy's sister) joins the

girls' baseball team, unaware she's needed only to prevent a forfeit.

Arlene: Tanya Fenmore.


055. At Mallory's urging, Nick turns to his estranged father after the bank

turns down Nick's request for a loan to open a children's art school.

Joe: Dan Hedaya.


056. Career Day at Grant College inspires Skippy to join the Army and see the

world, but the recruiting officer seems more interested in the

qualifications of Alex. Sgt. Davis: J.J. Jones. Rose: Lois de Banzie.

Harry: Raleigh Bond.


057. Cramming for finals, Alex resorts to amphetamines, which put him in a

frenzy that he claims is his "natural boyish exuberance."


058. Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" inspires this episode featuring Alex as

the Keaton Scrooge. Young Alex: Chris Hebert.


059. PART 1: Eager to be popular, Jennifer decides to have a party -- and

invites only those from the "in" crowd at school. Chrissy: Amy Lynne.


060. PART 2: Jennifer's new-found popularity has the Keaton household

worried: she's cutting classes, speaking strangely and partying



061. Elyse has difficulty dealing with her mother's new life style -- which

includes divorcing Elyse's father.


062. Elyse hopes to revive the folk-singing career she began some 20 years



063. Elyse is obsessed with finding the perfect woman for a co-worker, despite

Steven's suggestion not to meddle. Terry: Tony Carreiro. Liz: Terry



064. Elyse gets caught up in the thrill of getting rich quick and succumbs to

the gambling tables in Atlantic City.


065. Elyse takes action when the wrecker's ball threatens to demolish her

first design project, while Mallory takes up acupressure massage.

Willis: Gary Grubbs. McPhree: Vic Polizos.


066. Elyse wants to fire the friend she recently hired, a move that could be

the final blow for the woman, whose marriage just fell apart.


067. Elyse's beloved sister pays a visit with her obnoxious children and

boisterous husband (Stuart Pankin). Marv Jr.: Jeffrey B. Cohen. Michele:

Karen Landry.


068. PART 1: Elyse's brother (Tom Hanks) drops by unexpectedly, acting like

someone's out to get him. Carlyle: Richard Venture.


069. PART 2: Steven and Elyse lie about Uncle Ned's whereabouts to FBI agents,

who are trailing him in connection with an embezzlement scheme. Uncle

Ned: Tom Hanks. Carlyle: Richard Venture.


070. Elyse's visiting Aunt Rosemary (Barbara Barrie) may be an exuberant

storyteller but her knack for keeping the family history alive seems to

be dissolving in a loss of memory. Dr. Williamson: Matthew Faison.


071. Elyse's young colleague (Peter Scolari) admits he's fallen in love with

her -- but he's wracked with guilt about his feelings.


072. Fearing she may not survive a tonsillectomy, Jennifer records in her

diary her memories and feelings for her family.


073. Forced to baby-sit, Alex drags Jennifer to a poker game -- and loses her.

Jeff: John Dukakis.


074. It's graduation time at Harding High, but Mallory may not be graduating:

she's flunking history.


075. It's parents' weekend at Leland College and Ellen won't invite her

father, so Alex extends an invitation behind Ellen's back. Franklin Reed:

Ronny Cox.


076. PART 1: Jennifer brings home alarming news that her school has banned the

subject of her book report: "Huckleberry Finn." Flaherty: Christian

Clemenson. Hewitt: Bibi Besch. Jill: Rachel Jacobs.


077. PART 2: Suspended from school for reading a banned book, Jennifer decides

to buck the administration and, after a hearing before the school board,

becomes the class symbol for the fight against censorship. Flaherty:

Christian Clemenson. Susan: Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Hewitt: Bibi Besch.


078. Jennifer gets into a fight defending her boy friend; Alex is dealt a blow

when Mallory outscores him on an IQ test. Adam: Noah Hathaway.


079. Jennifer gets more than she bargained for when she asks for Alex's help

on a social-studies project. Mrs. Pedroza: Belita Moreno.


080. Jennifer wonders why she's being ignored by her friend Scott (Matthew

Barry), who would rather take Mallory to dinner than go to a ball game

with Jennifer.


081. Jennifer's band is a hit during an audition for a Leland dance, but its

popularity plunges when Alex becomes manager. Brooke: Yael Nucci.


082. Jennifer's drive for good grades takes a back seat to her drive for

popularity after she begins dating an athlete (Wil Wheaton).


083. Jennifer's new suitor is a nerd bearing gifts, but he's her only ticket

to the sophomore dance. Simon: Jason Naylor. Roger: Tony Crane. Nancy:

Lilly Moon. Brad: Brad Kesten.


084. Job pressures, demanding teen-agers and a crying newborn interrupt

Steven and Elyse's plans to spend time together.


085. Lacking the nerve to ask a girl out, Skippy has Alex do it for him --

but the girl falls for Alex instead.


086. Lauren uses the Keatons as her study group for a paper on the American

family, but she soon realizes her subjects are anything but typical as

flashbacks recall memorable moments in their lives.


087. Mallory announces that she's not going to college after Elyse arranges an

interview with an admissions counselor.


088. Mallory befriends a young girl she caught shoplifting after learning that

the girl lives at a home for abused children. Jessie: Martha Plimpton.


089. Mallory believes she may have gone too far in trying to ease the pain of

a former neighbor when the woman begins to confuse Mallory for the

daughter she recently lost. Evelyn: Constance McCashin.


090. Mallory comes to regret getting Nick a janitor's job at her sorority

house, where the sisters make him an honorary member and a candidate for

Snow Queen. Dana: Tracy Camilla Johns. Cindy: Laura Leigh Hughes. Karen:

Kim Gillingham. Larry : Robert Constanzo.


091. Mallory enters herself and Elyse in a mother-daughter modeling contest --

but it's Elyse who steals the show.


092. Mallory fears history may repeat itself when Jennifer dates the yonger

brother of a boy who once broke Mallory's heart. Josh: Byron Thames.


093. Mallory is crushed when her best friend and Elyse hit it off and leave

Mallory out in the cold. Allison: Robin Morse.


094. Mallory's girl friend (Cristen Kauffman) learns she's pregnant and turns

to Elyse for advice.


095. Mallory's jealous after an elegant art patron (Christina Belford) takes

an interest in Nick's junk sculpture -- and in Nick.


096. Mallory's partner (Julie Harris) on a sociology-class project is 66 years

old -- a fact that disturbs Mallory more than she admits.


097. Mallory's reunion with her college boy friend (John Dukakis) has her

worried that she may not be as interesting to him as she once was.


098. Nick may lose out when college alters Mallory's view on men --

particularly a sophisticated fellow in her poetry group. Colin: Jonathan



099. Nick needs a diploma to qualify for a job at the YMCA, but he may need a

miracle to pass -- Mallory has offered to help.


100. No one feels much like celebrating on Andrew's seventh birthday after

Nick's mangy mutt is hit by a car, forcing Nick to make an on-the-spot

decision. Dr. Austin: Tom Isbell. Woman: Carol Mansell. Clown: Ron

Jarvis. Human Pretzel: Colleen Linnehan.


101. On a weekend outing to Princeton, Mallory disrupts Alex's interview with

the dean, jeopardizing his chances for admission.


102. On his 18th birthday, Alex cancels dinner with his family to celebrate

instead at a cocktail lounge with his friends. Crispin Glover.


103. On Thanksgiving Day, Steven and Elyse join a group of antinuclear

demonstrators who could end up in jail after a clash with the police.

Priscilla Morrill, Dick Sargent.


104. One of Alex's teachers insults Elyse, who responds by socking him square

on the jaw.


105. Peer pressure forces Jennifer to shun her male friend. Justin: Jeremy



106. Pitted against a top Soviet chess player, Alex prepares to win at all

costs -- until he figures out his opponent's strategy. Ivan: Albert

Macklin. Eric: George Pentecost.


107. Prior commitments prevent Elyse from sharing a romantic dinner with

Steven to celebrate his award for a TV documentary.


108. Professor Alex belittles student Ellen and gives her a bad grade, so she

decides to get even. Professor Spanos: Macon McCalman. Albert: Mark



109. Re-entering the job market after 12 years at home puts undue pressure

on Elyse in her roles as wife and mother.


110. Romantic ties are forecast for Alex when psychology major Lauren hires

him as a subject in her study of overachievers.


111. School-newspaper editor Alex uncovers a student-cheating scandal that

should be printed -- but Mallory is involved. Winkler: Philip Sterling.


112. PART 1: Sexist attitudes shared by Alex and Steven seem to be rubbing off

on Andrew, prompting recollections of past male-female disputes in the

Keaton household.


113. PART 2: In flashbacks, the family recalls past squabbles that were worked

out in the spirit of togetherness that prevails in the Keaton home.


114. Skippy becomes Mallory's welcome companion when the two get locked in the

basement while the Keatons are away.


115. Skippy becomes relaxed, charming and witty -- and completely smitten --

in a counseling session with Lauren, who uses a psychological profile to

match him with a date. Pippi: Karyn O'Bryan. Darlene: Maura Tierney.


116. Skippy succeeds in romancing Mallory's friend Amy (Sonia Curtis), but

the prospect of a night alone with her has him running scared.


117. Skippy's discovery that he was adopted sends him searching for his roots.

Elizabeth: Garn Stephens.


118. Skippy's unrequited love for Mallory gets him into a fight at the

homecoming dance, which jolts him out of his fantasy world.


119. Something's up in the Keaton household: it's Alex, who hasn't been able

to sleep for a week.


120. Steven and a college chum (Sanford Jensen) resume publication of their

'60s radical newspaper, the Scavenger. Cameron: Raymond Singer. Monica:

Janice Lynde.


121. Steven and Elyse are incensed when Alex goes to a restricted country

club as the guest of his girl friend. Kimberly: Cindy Fisher. Blanton:

John Petlock.


122. Steven and Elyse realize that the kids would rather be anywhere than

with a parent for a weekend.


123. Steven and Elyse try to mediate a bitter feud between a friend (James

Sutorius) and his ex-wife, who's moving to California with their son.


124. Steven feels that he and Jennifer have grown apart, so he tries to bridge

the gap by attending her girls' club tea. Chuck: Dion Rottman.


125. Steven flies into a rage when he learns about the "fling" Elyse once had

with an old friend who's visiting the Keatons.


126. Steven looks to his family to help him muster resistance to the

temptations of a seductive co-worker (Judith Light). Gus: John Hancock.


127. Steven racks his brain to figure out a way Mallory could be an asset at

his public-TV station, but her first journalistic endeavor results in

disaster. Gus: John Hancock.


128. Steven's college play, "A Draft Card for the Burning," is revived at a

community theater, but director Steven can't stand to see the male lead

in romantic scenes with the play's heroine -- Elyse. Jeff: Rod McCary.

Oscar: David Wohl. Police Chief: Raymond Singer.


129. PART 1: Steven's visiting brother (Norman Parker) announces that he's

left his wife and is dating a woman he met on the plane. Kathy: Wendel



130. PART 2: Steven feels like he's lost a brother when he tries to help Rob

(Norman Parker) through a midlife crisis.


131. Thanks to Alex's coaching, there's a "new" Nick, who impresses Steven and

Elyse -- but doesn't do a thing for Mallory.


132. The college student Mallory's been dating wants their relationship to

take on a new dimension -- a sexual one. Rick: Tom Byrd.


133. PART 1: The death of a friend (Brian McNamara) in an auto accident leaves

Alex feeling guilty -- it could easily have been him. Brother Timothy:

Richard McGonagle.


134. PART 2: The episode concludes in a therapist's office, where Alex

struggles to understand his friend's death -- and the nature of reality,

guilt and insecurity. Greg: Brian McNamara.


135. The death of her favorite aunt leaves Mallory in need of consolation, but

her family's too caught up in a garage sale to notice. Aunt Trudy: Edith



136. The Keatons are at war over Mallory's new boy friend (Scott Valentine), a

Rambo-type character whose talents only Mallory appreciates.


137. PART 1: The Keatons decide to give Ellen a rundown of Alex's life before

she met him.


138. PART 2: Clips from past episodes are featured as the Keatons each chime

in with their favorite story about Alex's life. Tracy Pollan.


139. The Keatons get swept up in the family drama unfolding in the lives of

two senior citizens at a retirement center where Steven is producing a

documentary. Joseph: Douglas Seale. Eva: Marie Denn. David: Jeff Perry.

Sam: Joshua Shelley. Judge Cameron: Paul McIsaac. Jack: Robert Torti.


140. The Keatons interview Nick for an art contest and learn that he shares

some of their viewpoints.


141. PART 1: The Keatons' holiday in England, where Alex begins a summer

scholarship program at Oxford. Clive-Hopkins: John Moulder-Brown.

Weiss: Charles McKeown.


142. PART 2: The Keaton's holiday in England


143. PART 3: The Keaton's holiday in England


144. PART 4: The Keaton's holiday in England


145. The whole family's going gaga over the new baby -- except for Jennifer,

who's resorting to infantile behavior.


146. To earn college credit, Alex takes a job at a hotline counseling center,

where his first call comes from a suicidal student. James: Jeffrey Joseph.


147. Uncle Ned (Tom Hanks) pays a visit, displaying a bravado that Alex soon

learns is a cover-up for a serious drinking problem.


148. Visiting cousin June (Danielle Von Zerneck) hopes to share highlights

of her European trip with the Keatons, but the conversation turns to

dating experiences and other reminiscences.


149. When Alex can't find a qualified partner for a high-school quiz-off, he

takes on the Herculean task of training Mallory.


150. When Mallory and her French tutor (John Dukakis) are too shy to express

their feelings for each other, Alex tutors them both in the art of



151. PART 1: When Mallory announces her engagement to Nick, her family is taken

by surprise.


152. PART 2: When Steven and Elyse learn of Mallory's plan to elope with Nick,

they wonder where they went wrong. J.P.: John Ingle.


153. When Steven and the Keaton youngsters return from a camping trip, Elyse

is bursting with the news that she's pregnant.


154. When their ski trip is postponed by a snowstorm, the Keatons sit home

by the fire, where Steven and Elyse share memories of their children's



155. PART 1: While at a banking convention, Alex has to share a room with his

boss (Melinda Culea) after his reservation disappears.


156. PART 2: Rebecca (Melinda Culea) gets drunk at a cocktail party and

insults the bank director. Okun: Reid Shelton.


157. While Steven and Elyse are away, Alex rents out a room in the house to

pay for the auto damage Mallory caused.


158. Working as a department-store Santa, Alex has an encounter with the

real Santa (Pete Schrum), who promises him that his good deeds won't go

unrewarded. Michelle: Ellen Hamilton Latzen. Beth: Lee Garlington. Ray:

Josh Clark. Eddie: Victor DiMattia.


159. When their relationship is strained, Alex and Lauren go to group therapy.


160. With only a map of ancient Greece, the children get lost trying to meet

their parents on a camping trip they should have gone on.


161. Steven tries to stop mallory and Nick from buying a used car together.


162. On their 20th wedding anniversary, Steven and Elyse get into a bitter



163. Mallory's clothes designs are stolen by a fashion designer at her work.


164. PART 1: Steven's black co-worker and family move into the neighborhood,

only to find they are not welcome. Gus: John Hancock.


165. PART 2: Steven's black co-worker and family are driven out of the

neighborhood by prejudiced neighbors. Gus: John Hancock.


166. PART 1: While Lauren is away, Alex becomes romanticly involved with a

music student.


167. PART 2: After his new romance, Alex breaks up with Lauren.


168. For a school project, Jennifer works with a nerd at Chicken Heaven.

Simon: Jason Naylor.


169. Nick gets underfoot when he stays at the Keaton's while his apartment is

being painted.


170. Jennifer goes overboard trying to protect the environment.


171. Alex thinks Andrew is spending too much time with Nick's little cousin



172. PART 1: Steven suffers a heart attack.


173. PART 2: Steven suffers a heart attack.


174. PART 3: Steven suffers a heart attack.


175. PART 1: When Andrew builds a time-capsule, the family reminisces through



176. PART 2: When Andrew builds a time-capsule, the family reminisces through



* Note: Many of the above episode descriptions were taken from TV Guide.





For the last couple years, the Fox network has been consistly replaying 2

Family Ties episodes every Saturday and Sunday afternoon at 4pm - 5pm PST.


The only drawback is that Fox seems to concentrate on the last season, so if

you watch it, you will find each last season episode repeated about 3 times

as often as every old season episode, which are by far the best. At this rate,

you would have to invest more than a year before you finally saw every episode.

Furthermore, I am certain that some Family Ties episodes are edited slightly.


As with most good things, no Family Ties episodes have ever been released on

video in any format.

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